• Product Details
Product Name :
Wireless Air Quality sensor with RF-to-Modbus receiver

Product Model :
DL01Q and DL01M

Specifications :





- Voltage supply: 24VAC/VDC
- Dust particle measuring range: 0-6000μg/m3
- Detectable particle size: 0.3-10μm
- Can connect with 0-10V output receiver
- Connect with data logger through wireless communication (868MHz bi-directional communication)
- Effective RF range: 50 meters in open area
- Data is stored on cloud server so that data can be accessed anywhere
- Non-volatile memory to store settings
- Support mesh communication network to extend RF coverage




- Collect data from Air Quality sensor
- Connect with sensor through Modbus communication
- Data is stored on Modbus server so that data can be accessed anywhere
- All settings can be viewed and controlled by Modbus server